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Relationship difficulties are among the most frequently reported and distressing problems for people. Some of the common problems that couples report in their relationship are related to effective communication, parenting, conflict resolution, infidelity issues, sexual intimacy, infertility, illness, emotional intimacy, finances, extended family issues, or other life changes or losses. Some of the potential consequences of unresolved relationship issues include sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, substance use, health problems, affairs, and divorce. In addition, children exposed to ongoing parental conflict are at risk for emotional and behavioural problems.

You may consider receiving couples therapy if you and your partner are:

  • Having recurring arguments around the same issues with no resolution
  • Increasing frequency or volatility of arguments
  • Have difficulty communicating
  • Having difficulty with trust and infidelity
  • Withdrawing from each other
  • Withholding caring gestures
  • Loss of positive feelings
  • Loss of friendship and emotional intimacy
  • Disinterest in sexual intimacy

At North Durham Professional Counsellors, we can assist couples in increasing communication and problem-solving skills, achieving greater intimacy in their relationship, dealing with life transitions and stressors such as illness, grief, or birth of a child, and work through trust issues related to infidelity. Cognitive Behavioral/Marital Behavioral Couple Therapy is one form of treatment that can help couples learn to communicate, problem-solve, and resolve conflict. Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) is another form of therapy that is based on the idea that relationship distress is created by unmet needs for feeling close to and loved by one’s partner. Therapy focuses on helping clients to express their own needs and understand the needs of their partner, leading to a more caring relationship.